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There are a whole lot of problems that serve as a reason for the upper back pain between the shoulder blades. Read on about Chiropractors Denver CO For Shoulder Blades pain Treatment. The pain is, usually, associated with herniated discs, osteoporosis, sciatica, problems with the spinal cord, rheumatoid arthritis, compressed vertebra or one of many other related physical problems.

Apart from the sharp annoying pain stated above, people often experience a dull aching between their shoulder blades. This type of trouble is usually muscular in nature and can be treated with a few simple exercises.

One of the most common causes of this upper back pain that hits between shoulder blade, is poor posture. When people have poor posture, there is extra pressure on the muscles of the neck which cause of upper back pain.

In this regards, the very first thing is to know the real cause of this pain. Consult the family physician. However, it is imperative that you seek a way to get rid of this pain. Exercise is one of the best treatments for getting rid of the excruciating back pain.
Exercising not only loosens the muscles, but also makes you maintain a proper posture at all times that will keep the pain away.

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Exercises for Upper Back Pain
Upper back pain is also, sometimes, known as Thoracic back pain. Upper back pain occurs due to the strain in you upper back muscles. You can control this pain, even get rid of it all together with the help of a few exercises. The exercises are supposed to loosen the tissues in your muscle. This results in decreased tension, strengthening of the back and enhanced flexibility. The exercises given below are very useful. Do these exercises at least five times a day. Increase the number of repetitions gradually. It will be much more advisable if you consult your physician before indulging in one of the below-given exercises.

Arm Slides
Arm slides can also be performed in order to control upper back pain. Stand straight and keep your back against the wall. Keep your arms above the head, along the wall. Move your muscles up and down, on the wall, feeling the muscles in your back and arms stretching.

Scapular squeezes
Scapular squeezes can be done by raising your arms to your side. The palms of your hands must be facing forward. The elbows should be bent. Feel your muscles stretching as you move the arms outward to your sides. Keep this position for about fifteen seconds till your muscles are stretched completely. This will result in relief from upper back pain.

Lie down on your tummy, on the floor. Keep a pillow under your chest, allowing the arms to extend towards your sides. The angle from the torso should be around 90 degrees. Lift your arms over the head and allow the motion to squeeze your shoulder blades. Bring the arms to your side slowly.
While you are sitting down on a chair, you can do an exercise that will alleviate upper back pain. Put your arms behind your head and clasp them together. As you look up, slowly curve backward.

Pectoralis stretch
This workout involves the following actions: stand in a doorway and put your hands on the frame of the door. Now, gently, bend your upper body forward. You will feel the pectoralis muscle tightening and stretching inside your chest. Hold this position for at least fifteen seconds. Then, come back to your normal position. Do this exercise five times. If possible, add one repetition every day.

Thoracic stretch
Sit down on the floo,r keeping your feet in front of you. Keep your hands on the mid-thighs. Curl forward and gently hold this position for fifteen seconds. You can also do this exercise standing up. Pointing the right elbow to your front, twist your upper body towards your right side. You will feel your upper body stretching as you keep this position for half a minute. Do the exercise again with your left elbow.
Doing these exercises daily will relieve you of upper back pain.

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